No more cold emails.

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Get paid to get pitched.

Buyers hate being prospected. Sellers hate being ignored.
Sales hasn't changed in 200 years, until now.

We're on a mission to kill cold calls and emails.

Here's how it works.


Get prospected

Request For Meeting Plugin.

Everyone at your company can use Request for Meeting.

For every 1000 employees at a company, they'll lose 630 hours a month dealing with sellers. We get prospected an average 780 times this year.

Stop deleting, replying, or ignoring cold emails and use our Gmail plugin to send them to us.

Cut down follow up emails, and only see the sellers that care about getting your business.


Get pitched.

Sellers, this is where you come in. Finally get answers from prospects.

Skip the follow up calls and emails, and get a guaranteed answer within 7 days. We only charge you if your buyer answers.

If they accept your request, you get 30 minutes booked instantly. If they decline, you'll get a reason why.

It's a new highway for sales.

Request for Meeting Calendar

Prospecting is going to happen no matter what.

60% of revenue comes from outbound prospecting. Our economy needs it. But do we need sellers interrupting buyers?

We're taking the costs of getting new customers and giving it back to customers. Let's give buyers and sellers the respect they deserve.

Oh yeah, it's free.

We only get paid when you get paid.

Request for Meeting takes a transaction fee on all requests and meetings purchased by sellers.

We handle all the interactions for you.

So you can focus on whatever it is you do best, even if that is eating ice cream with a fork.

Talk with us.

Let's bring buyers and sellers together.

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